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 Manage Horse Health and Welfare 


Elements describe the essential outcomes of a unit of competency.

Performance criteria describe the required performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element.

 1.  Plan horse health and emergency care procedures.

1.1 Health and emergency care protocols and programs are developed and relayed to staff.

1.2 Horses are housed in suitable and approved premises that are maintained to health and safety standards specified by rules of racing and other regulations .

1.3 Health status of individual horses is assessed.

1.4 Characteristics, signs and symptoms of healthy and sick or injured horses are reviewed.

1.5 Communicable diseases are identified and control measures implemented.

1.6 Signs and symptoms of distressed or injured horses are identified and prioritised.

2. Undertake health management programs for horses.

2.1 Dental health programs are overseen.

2.2 Vaccination programs are implemented.

2.3 Parasite control programs are implemented.

2.4 Hoof maintenance programs are overseen.

2.5 Health records are compiled and updated.

3. Decide upon treatment for horses.

3.1 Health care and management are determined.

3.2 Prognosis for common illnesses and injuries is discussed.

3.3 Need for veterinary assistance is determined.

3.4 Need for specialist advice is determined.

3.5 Treatment options are evaluated and preferred option is selected for common injuries and illnesses.

4. Administer treatment and monitor horse's progress.

4.1 Medication or treatments are administered according to stable procedures, directions, and industry and animal welfare regulations.

4.2 Methods of administering medication, recording treatment and monitoring injectible medication are known.

4.3 Oral medication is administered.

4.4 Topical medication is administered.

4.5 Inhalants are administered.

4.6Horses are bandaged.

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