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This course, approved by New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), is more suitable to non-native speakers whose English language level is not up to the advanced level necessary to pass the Trinity standard.  Both Certificate courses share most of the input lessons, but the Assignment requirement and Teaching Practices are different.


If a teacher wants to work in a New Zealand language school, or in a quality school overseas, they need a recognised qualification. Trinity College London Cert TESOL is an internationally recognised qualification. In New Zealand and overseas, the Trinity TESOL Cert. is one of only two industry accepted entry qualifications.Although not internationally recognised as Trinity is, it is still very acceptable in many countries. It is NZAQ-approved and meets the quality standard required.

What is the Entry Requirement to apply for this course?
Applicants need a strong level of English ability and a good level of fluency especially in spoken communication. Candidates are required to have an interview with a course Tutor, and complete a pre-interview test prior to the interview. They do a controlled English task during the pre-course interview, prior to meeting with one of our course tutors. An IELTS score or an IELTS level entry test result may be required for non-native English speakers. Other qualifying studies, or work experience will be considered in the decision. However, final assessment is made by the Head Trainer. Telephone interviews are possible if applicants are overseas at the time of enrolment. The interviewing Tutor is careful to ensure that all Trainees selected are capable. Entry decisions are at the discretion of the Course Director.

After the acceptance interview, an Applicant will be informed immediately of the result. EDENZ prides itself on a pass rate averaging 96% per annum and so you can be sure that if you are accepted, we are confident you can succeed.

  • Preparation
    Trainees are required to complete the pre-course preparation task, the ‘Distance Learning Module (DLM) prior to the course start. Our DLM ensures all trainees have some understanding of grammar and parts of speech before the course so everyone starts the course with the same base knowledge. Trainees can complete the DLM either in New Zealand or overseas. Tutors are available for email, telephone or face-to-face consultation on this portion of the course. 
  • Input sessions
    These include lesson observation, teaching approaches, methodology, principles of and practice in teaching grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, error correction and teaching skills. Trainees are taught how to use resources such as textbooks, supplementary materials and audio visual aids. Also lesson preparation, teaching practice in front of live classes and feedback constitute the practical component of the course. There are 3 hours of classroom Teaching Practice observed by the trainers.
  • Assignments
    Trainees are required to complete several written assignments in addition to the teaching and classroom management training. Tutors are available during the first six weeks for discussion on any problem areas with the exercises. They will also complete an exercise based on set course texts "How to Teach English" (by Jeremy Harmer) and ‘Oxford Practice Grammar’. 
  • How long does this course take?
This Certificate course is 160 hours of inputs and lectures plus tutorials and mentoring, and additional assignments to total the 400 hours to learning required for an NZQA approved Certificate. 

Trinity graduates receive a letter of completion from EDENZ Colleges and a transcript of their results, which they can use to apply for work. The Trinity Certificate will arrive from London 6-8 weeks after graduation. EDENZ Certificate graduates receive a transcript and the EDENZ Certificate in TESOL at the end of their course. The intensity of the course depends on a number of factors, such as current English language levels, entry qualification, previous education or experience and the Applicants time available. The trainer during the pre acceptance interview may offer advice, as to whether they consider a course option to be suitable.

Both the Trinity and EDENZ TESOL Certificate trainees have the inputs and tutoring together. The Trinity Cert trainees will have additional teaching practices. EDENZ teaching practices will be peer teaching. Both Cert courses have written assignments, but trainees on the EDENZ course need to do a text book based assignment to complete the 400 hour course requirement.

  • What do I get at the end of this course?

    The final graduating Certificate is approved by NZQA and issued by EDENZ Colleges.


Mike Currie
Head of TESOL

Bachelor of Arts (English)
RSA Diploma Cambridge
RSA TESOL Teaching 
Certificate in Language Teaching to Adults(CELTA - Cambridge)

Mike is head of EDENZ teacher training program. 

He has a very wide experience, having taught for 3 years in Brazil, 6 years in London and has trained and taught in NZ since 2001.

He enjoys playing chess, Scrabble, squash, reading, watching movies, dancing, jogging. He has a young daughter who is a sweetie and is the ‘apple of her father’s eye’.

Kristine Geldard
Assistant Head of TESOL

Bachelor of Arts (Linguistics and App. Linguistics)
Certificate in Language Teaching to Adults(CELTA - Cambridge)
Trinity Postgraduate Diploma in TESOL

Kris has been worked at EDENZ since 2001, teaching ESOL, IELTS, and TESOL.

Her teenage son keeps her on her toes, and likes to go camping and swimming together in the summers.

Kris loves fishing, reading and staying in touch with friends who are scattered around the globe.

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EDENZ Colleges Profile 2014

For over 26 years EDENZ has established an international reputation for the quality of its tuition and care of students. We offer a wide range of programs and courses in our campus in the heart of central Auckland.

EDENZ Airedale Campus provides an excellent educational facility adjacent to the University of Auckland (AU) and Auckland University of Technology (AUT) in the central city.  The new Airedale Campus has over 6 floors and is a modern building designed to meet all current safety standards with well lit attractive teaching spaces. We have a popular cafeteria and student recreation areas, library and 55 internet connected (Wi-Fi available) computers that students may use for their studies and to stay in touch. The spacious and modern Airedale Campus facility has been designed to provide students with a top quality learning environment. The teaching areas are brightly lit with natural light and equipped with modern facilities to offer quality working areas that will complement our outstanding team of teaching professionals. 

Student Accommodation - Our Campus is the only private school in Auckland’s CBD to offer on-site student accommodation ...

EDENZ Colleges
85 Airedale Street, Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand 1010
0064 9 309 5204
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