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What is it like to be a young man in New Zealand? 18 -25 yrs
Its a time of transition for masculinity and young men in the Western Culture. Some of the norms of the previuos generstions are now under scutiny and it can be a confusing and challenging time especially for ayoung men to adopt the new norms as well as handle the fall out from the past.
On top of this there is the challenge of a technological era that provides easy access to the likes of social media and pornograhphy and yet at the same time helps promote isolation as people can interact yet never physically meet.
Male youth tend to be over represented in acts of voilence, suicide, risk taking and anti-social attitudes and behaviour.
Our weekend workshop allows young men to step in, own their space, encourages leadership in facilitating their own lives in todays society, with tools gained from process work, group sharing, fun, team building and personal exspression.


Jul 02, 2020 - Jul 05, 2020
Thu 06:00 PM —
No. of Days: 4
Total Hours: 36
No. of Participants: 25
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Men Being Real
Our purpose is to connect and inspire men. Our approach is experiential, holistic and 100% New Zealand-grown in response to the needs and diversity of men in New Zealand. We conduct events for men of all ages and foster an ethos of men supporting each other within the context of their whanau and community. We encourage community development, a culture of service, and respect for women.

Our workshops provide support for Youth, Young Men, Men and Elders inn this fast paced environment of ours.
Our MBR Weekend Workshops, give a man the opportunity to step in, show up and share what is going on for him. With out judgement and with no pressure , in his own time we peel back one layer at a time to find out what is really going on, on the inside.
In a safe environment we allow men to shed their past traumas, release their greif or anger, tell us their story and share with no one else.
Breaking Isolation
is what we try to achive by allowing men a space to share, if they choose. Transformative and enlightening.
Essentially Men Education Trust
13 Maidstone Street, Ponsonby, Auckland, New Zealand 1021
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