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Course :New Zealand Diploma In Networking Level :Level 6
 Duration :1 Academic Year (incl. scheduled breaks) 
Total Credits :
120 Campus :Auckland, Christchurch
 Time-table :4 hours a day / 20 hours per week

The New Zealand Diploma in Networking-Level 6 is to impart the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude required to be have with integrity and responsibility as an IT professional, contributing positively to society. The component also imparts effective communication and interpersonal skills required to work effectively and efficiently in an organizational environment, achieving quality outcomes.

Provided by the Abacus Institute of Studies, this programme is available by class room learning, allowing you to study regular class hours.

The programme is aimed at learners with prior qualifications or experience in the areas of computer networking and Information Technology and who wish to acquire specific knowledge and skills to pursue a specialist career in Computer Networks in New Zealand, or for further studies in this area.

Course Curriculum
  • Ethics and Professionalism in the IT Industry
  • Network Configuration, Management and Performance
  • Switched Networks
  • Network Routing & Security
  • Unified Communication
  • Network Project
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Welcome to the campuses of Abacus Institute of Studies in Auckland and Christchurch. You have selected an outstanding educational organisation to support and further your learning. Your time with us is very important, and we encourage you to balance your academic activities and your enjoyment of campus life.

We have exceptional academic and support staff that make every effort to ensure you succeed as a student. Our staff will support you every step of the way. Our classes are small, and we offer a range of support services to ensure you achieve your study and career aspirations.

Our primary goal is to provide a holistic approach to education, and we acknowledge that some of the important learning you will gain, will take place outside the classrooms of Abacus Institute of Studies. Think of the campus as your home away from home where you will be encouraged to grow within a safe and exciting environment.

We are committed to all our students ensuring they succeed in their chosen field, and our close relationships with industries will enhance your employment outcomes. Learning with us will steer you on a pathway to a wide range of satisfying careers, and these will support the New Zealand economy and our society. ...

Abacus Institute of studies
Christchurch &Auckland, New Zealand
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