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INSIDE THE WORLD OF GIRLS A Workshop For People Working With Girls 8 And Up

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On-Site / Seminar
Ended last Mar 13, 2020
NZD  245.00


Professionals, teachers and caregivers know that adolescence can transform a once-familiar girl into a disengaged stranger. For some girls it is a time of developmental growing pains, however for many new challenges such as anxiety, social media obsession, entitlement, body image, cyber-bullying, violence, self-harm and earlier sexual experiences present a situation where relevant and contemporary intervention is required to support girls to navigate the turmoil of modern adolescence.

As professionals it can be challenging to know how best to respond and support girls during this time of ‘new normal’, especially given the increasingly early presentation of many of these concerns. Families and the wider community are also increasingly turning to the professional community for direction and guidance.

This workshop will equip professionals who work with girls with a deeper understanding of the contemporary challenges, and offer proven, tailor made strategies for engaging effectively in a way that promotes resilience, respect, happiness, self-control and responsibility.


Some of the key areas Michelle will explore include:

  • What is ‘normal’ for pre-teen and teenage girls today, and what are the biggest issues they are facing as they move towards adulthood?
  • Influences and vulnerabilities. An in-depth look at social media, sexuality, anxiety, emotional regulation, self-harm and friendship issues, and their influence on wellbeing.
  • Early intervention and prevention strategies to promote resilience, responsibility and happiness for girls.
  • Connection as the core of influence. The powerful impact of one caring adult. Practical strategies for engaging girls and teens effectively with relevance and credibility.
  • Support networks: how they work and how to harness them effectively.
  • Empowering and educating ‘friends to help friends’.


Michelle Mitchell is an expert on teen culture. Based in Brisbane, she is an educationalist and author of five highly acclaimed books including “Parenting Teenage Girls In The Age Of A New Normal” and “What Teenage Girls Don’t Tell Their Parents” and “Self-Harm: Why Teens Do It And What Parents Can Do To Help”. Michelle founded the Australian charity Youth Excel delivering group programs and mentoring to hundreds of teenagers each year. She is a regular contributor on Australian network television on issues relating to young people. Her practical tone, humour and hands on experience mean she has a unique way of captivating her audience and taking them into the inner workings of the minds of teenage girls.
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