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NZSL COURSE DESCRIPTION LEVEL 1 (BEGINNERS A) For beginners who have no prior knowledge of NZ Sign Language. By the end of the course, you'll be able to communicate in basic sign language and will be able to: • Introduce yourself, greet other people and exchange personal information • Demonstrate strategies for: getting attention, asking for clarification, correction and repetition • Demonstrate the finger spelling alphabet • Use numbers (0 – 20) and simple time phrases • Express basic needs and wants • Use a basic signing vocabulary

For more information on NZSL levels 2 and 3; Intermediate & Advanced classes and dates, please refer to our website below:

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Onehunga High School Adult Learning Centre offers community classes for adults 16 years plus.  We are committed to providing lifelong learning opportunities that are accessible and affordable.  Come and learn a new skill, brush up on an old skill or try your first step back into education.  Refreshing, relaxed and rewarding!

Onehunga High School Adult Learning Centre
24 Pleasant Street, Auckland, Onehunga, New Zealand 1061
09 636 9060
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