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The New Zealand Certificate in English Language (NZCEL) Level 2 covers a range of speaking, reading, writing and listening skills to equip students with the necessary language skills to communicate in basic, familiar, everyday situations and to participate in an English language environment. The course is equivalent to CEFR high A2/low B1 and graduates are expected to complete the course with an English level equivalent to IELTS 4.0 to 4.5.

The course is divided into four components: reading, writing, listening and speaking which are taught at the same time through a variety of topics.

Course Delivery:
The certificate has 60 credits and is delivered over 16 weeks with a one week break. Classes are schedule from Monday – Thursday (9am-2:30pm) and Friday (9am-12pm). The majority of lessons are delivered in the classroom and include a variety of activities such as practical tasks, class outings, writing tasks, short assignments and conversations. Students are also expected to complete 17 hours of independent study each week.

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ICA is a private training provider located in vibrant Central Auckland, close to Downtown, the Cloud, Viaduct and Auckland Harbour, with many places to explore and events to experience. ICA  provides quality education which enables students to optimize their potential and become internationally competitive in the market place.

Mission Statement

International College of Auckland ( ICA ) provides quality education which enables students to optimize their potential and become internationally competitive in the market place.

Support, Development and Achievement
A unique education environment that focuses on individual development and achievement is offered by ICA. Quality teaching, a supportive environment and multi-cultural experience provide a framework for the success of individuals. Each student and their continuing contribution they make to society at a local and global level is recognised by us. To provide the pathway for students toward both local and international opportunities in business, employment and higher education our curriculum includes a variety of education programmes.

Students are inspired at ICA to discover and apply their intellectual and creative potential and contribute responsibly to societies and cultures. As a student you will learn to reason, adapt, innovate, communicate and develop so you can respond to the rapid changes in the modern workforce and society. ...

International College of Auckland
Level 5, 131 Queen Street, Auckland,, Auckland, New Zealand 1010
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