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Private Pilot Licence IFR Law Workbook

Piper PA38 Dual 47 Hours IR Theory Lectures 3 subjects

Piper PA38 Single 16 Hours MEIR Flight Test Fee

Elite Simulator Dual 2 Hours MEIR Licence Issue Fee

Landing Fees & ATC Charges Commercial Pilot Licence

PPL Flight Test Fees Piper PA38 Solo 66 Hours

PPL Licence Issue Fee Piper PA38 Dual 33 Hours

PPL Human Factors Lecture Piper PA28-161 Solo 20 Hours

PPL Meteorology Lecture Piper PA28-181 Dual 10 Hours

PPL Air Tech Lecture Frasca Simulator Dual 18 Hours

PPL Air Law Lecture CPL Flight Test Fee

PPL Navigation Lecture CPL Licence Issue Fees

PPL Flight Radio Lecture CPL Human Factors Lecture

PPL 6 Theory Exams CPL Meteorology Lecture

Maps - 10 nos CPL Airtech Lecture

PPL Law Workbook CPL Law Lecture

Navigation Ruler CPL Navigation Lecture

Navigation Protractor CPL Principles of Flight Lecture

Navigation Computer CPL Exams

Vol 1 Airtech Book CPL Navigation Workbook

Vol 2 Navigation Book CPL Meteorology Workbook

Vol 3 Weather to Fly Book Vol 6 Meteorology Book

Vol 4 Flight Radio Book Vol 7 Principles of Flight Book

Vol 5 Law Book Vol 8 Airtech Book

Human Factors Book CPL Law Workbook

AIP Vol 4 + Amendment Service AIP Vol 1 + Amendment Service

CAA Law Rules Miscellaneous

Multi Engine Instrument Rating Logbook

Piper PA 28-181 IR Dual 8 Hours Student Workbook

Partenavia Dual 20 Hours Insurance-12 months

IFR 3 Theory Exams Aviation English Test-ICAO Level 6

Vol 9 IFR Nav Aids Book Land transport report

Vol 10 IFR Law Book Uniform

IRF Nav Aids Workbook IAANZ Tie-1

AIP Vol 2 & 3 + Amendments IAANZ Epaulettes-3

IFR Navigation Workbook IAANZ Jacket-1

*Price subject to change without prior information

*Based on standard requirement. Could vary from student to student, as this a skill acquisition course

*All fees must be paid into the Public Trust account.

10 days fee refund policy applies

Additional flying hourly rates varies from $192 to $277 based on aircraft type

WEF 1st April 2014

Version 1/2014 1 Apr 2014

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To tell a little about us, the International Aviation Academy of New Zealand (IAANZ) is New Zealand's Premier flight training school established in the year 1928 training pilots for the past 86 years. We are both a Civil Aviation Authority of NZ approved & New Zealand Qualification Authority approved professional pilot training provider having more of our graduates placed with airlines in New Zealand and throughout the world than any other New Zealand based flight training organisation. Our high standards of training has been recognized in the form of us being an approved Flight Training Organization of Air New Zealand- the National carrier of New Zealand.

We are based in the International Airport at Christchurch, giving student pilot a professional experience from day one. We have our own airfield in West Melton,  5 minutes away from the International airport, giving the student pilot freedom to practice away from the hustle and bustle of the International air space. We also have our own in-house engineering to ensure that all of our 28 aircrafts are kept in perfect flying condition. With 33 Flight Instructors we ensure that each student receives the best training with us. ...

International Aviation Academy of New Zealand
Chennai, India 600 037
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