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Auckland Council requires people who work in hospitality businesses including cafes, restaurants and takeaways to be trained in food handling and hygiene. The NZQA unit standards form the basis for anyone handling food in a commercial kitchen and our workshop will give you the knowledge and skills required to meet this standard.
In the classroom, your tutor will take you through our comprehensive workbook.

You will learn how to:
Identify the causes of cross-contamination.
Recognise those high-risk foods that are often responsible for food-borne illnesses.
Learn about the diseases and illnesses that can result from food poisoning.
Practice safe food skills including personal hygiene in your workplace.
Manage and identify hazards and poor food safety.
Understand correct cleaning procedures to minimise these risks.
Find out more about why food safety is so important to our communities.

You will get your Food Safety Certificate on the day you complete and the unit standards will be reported directly to NZQA.


NZQA Unit Standard 20666
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Founded by Celia Hay, the New Zealand School of Food & Wine has been educating the next generation of chefs, restaurant & café owners, wine professionals and food lovers since 1995. Located in Auckland's Viaduct, NZSFW offers small classes with an emphasis on hands-on practical experience.
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