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Gain the specialist skills you need to have an exciting career in culinary arts and graduate with industry recognised and well respected qualifications.

The Certificate in Cookery (Advanced) programme concentrates on the principles of French cuisine and provides a thorough grounding in the culinary arts. For 16 weeks you will be immersed in cooking, eating and thinking food, ingredients and wine.
Speed, accuracy and consistency are characteristics that you will develop and as your confidence grows you learn to correct mistakes, adjust seasoning and enjoy experimenting with flavours. Each week has a specific theme. The programme commences with basic knife training and moves to stock making, soups and classical sauces.

Baking is as important element with breads, pastries, cakes, tarts, and sponges. Other sessions include ice creams, sorbets, custards and meringues. Butchery skills such as boning and filleting of beef, lamb, chicken and fish are also covered.

A Mediterranean workshop teaches pasta making and you are able to invite a friend to sample a Mediterranean meal that you have designed, costed and cooked. Asian ingredients are also introduced and integrated into the menus. Introduction to human nutrition is also included.

Menu planning and costing helps you develop an awareness of food costs while learning how to create a well balanced menu. During the programme you will work individually to design menus for specific occasions and within a set budget. This helps your understanding of the skills required to succeed in a hospitality and culinary environment while further developing your general knowledge of cookery. Wine is an important component of the programme and your understanding of its relationship with food is exciting and stimulating. You will learn how to evaluate wines and be introduced to the wine making process. A one day vineyard and winery tour is included in the programme. You will also cover the principles of matching wine with food.

Aged 18 or over
Completed NZSFW Certificate in Food and Beverage Level 3 or equivalent industry experience
Attend an interview in person or by telephone
Upper intermediate level of English: IELTS 5.5 or equivalent for international students*
Valid student visa for international students
* English language pathways available.

During the programme, you will have option of work experience in some of Auckland’s premier restaurants.

Graduates will be able to work in all fields of culinary arts within the hospitality industry. This may be for your own business, or in hotels, resorts, lodges, cruise liners, luxury yachts, restaurants or cafés - there will be so many opportunities to explore once you graduate.

NZSFW Certificate in Cookery (Advanced)
NZSFW Certificate in Wine
WSET Level 1 Award in Wine
Food Safety Unit Standards


New Zealand students receive a subsidy from the New Zealand Government.
New Zealand students are eligible for student loans and allowances. Fees do not include knives, chef’s uniforms or personal equipment. This is estimated to be NZ$1000.
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Founded by Celia Hay, the New Zealand School of Food & Wine has been educating the next generation of chefs, restaurant & café owners, wine professionals and food lovers since 1995. Located in Auckland's Viaduct, NZSFW offers small classes with an emphasis on hands-on practical experience.
NZ School of Food & Wine
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