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Provide First Aid and Emergency Care for Horses

Online Short Course by  A.O.R.A.PTY LTD.
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 Provide First Aid and Emergency Care for Horses


Elements describe the essential outcomes of a unit of competency.

Performance criteria describe the required performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element.


1. Recognise and report signs of ill health or injury in horses.

1.1 Temperature, pulse and respiration are measured and recorded .

1.2 Hydration levels and capillary refill are observed and reported .

1.3 Signs of common illnesses in horses are identified and reported.

1.4 Signs of shock in horses are identified and reported.

1.5 Signs of common injuries in horses are identified and reported.


2. Assess illnesses or injuries in horses.

2.1 Incident site is inspected and assessed prior to helping horses.

2.2 First aid policy and procedures with respect to obligations to owners, state regulations, stable policy and duty of care are followed.

2.3 Referral procedures for injury treatment and emergency care are followed.

2.4 Horses are calmed and restrained and risks are identified.

2.5 Threat to life of illness or injury is considered and plan of action is determined.


3. Apply basic first aid to horses.

3.1 Restraints are used to prevent further injury or to apply first aid to horses.

3.2 Wounds are cleaned and protected from further contamination or injury.

3.3 Swelling is controlled .

3.4 Bandages are applied for management of bleeding, swelling, wounds and possible fractures.

3.5 Horses are nursed to reduce impact of shock, distress and pain.

3.6 Horse behaviour and vital signs are monitored and observations recorded.


4. Respond to hoof and leg illnesses and injuries.

4.1 Feet and legs are inspected for signs of injury, soreness or foreign bodies .

4.2 Common injuries and ailments to hooves, feet and legs are identified.

4.3 Poultice is applied .

4.4 Condition and fit of horse shoes are assessed.


5. Assess health and fitness of horses.

5.1 Pre and post-race assessment of horse for injuries, distress, health and fitness is implemented.

5.2 Pharmaceutical or therapeutic treatments are applied under trainer or veterinary instructions and supervision.

5.3 Rules relating to prohibited substances and alternative treatments are known and applied.

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