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Excavator operators certificate

Online Training by  DT Driver Training
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This course teaches operators to safely use excavators for construction, earthmoving and more. There are multiple types of excavators, and attachments which can be found on excavators. This course looks at more generic operation but also covers driving on ramps and slopes, loading different types of materials, clearing trees and other miscellaneous tips.


Modules include:
  • Practical assesment and overview
  • Excavator control layout
  • operational checks
  • types of excavator
  • safe excavator operation
  • generic machine operation
  • driving up ramps and slopes
  • loading trucks
  • clearing trees
  • miscellaneous tips
  • being efficient 
  • shutdown and parking 
  • endorsements 
  • driving on the road
  • health and safety
  • onsite communications
  • site consents and permits
  • managing hazards
  • transporting machines
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