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Truck Rollover Prevention Training

Online Training by  DT Driver Training
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This course explains truck and trailer stability. 30% of truck accidents involve a rollover, often seriously injuring drivers, and damaging vehicles, freight and public property. The course covers common rollover causes and scenarios and how to maintain stability and avoid these problems. This is essential truck driver training as rollover training is not required to get a licence, therefore most drivers arent aware of how they can prevent rollovers.


This course covers:
  • What causes rollover crashes
  • What happens during a rollover and what are the consequences and outcomes
  • How the centre of gravity affects rollover risk
  • How the SRT and load distribution affects the centre of gravity and the vehicle's stability
  • Steering and braking methods that should be used to minimise the risk of a rollover
  • Loads and vehicle types that are most at risk of tipping
  • What technology can be used to prevent rollover crashes
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